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The preventive measure affects all the players who practiced on Tuesday with the teammate who then tested positive to the Covid-19.

Sébastien Reuille has to manage a delicate situation.
HCB Ticino rockets

"The guidelines are clear: the team must observe the quarantine period" explains the assistant coach of the HCB Ticino Rockets, Mike McNamara, to La Regione. "Presumably in the next few days some other players, especially those who have been most in contact with the player who has contracted the virus, will undergo the test" continues the 71-year-old.

McNamara believes that the player contracted the virus during a three-days break before the practice session on Tuesday, and thinks that this will not be the only case during the season: "I can imagine that there will be other teams that during the season will have to stay quarantined for about ten days due to a contagion of some of their players."

Sébastien Reuille, team manager, has been in contact with the medical authorities of Ticino, in order to get an exact list of players for whom the full quarantine will actually be required.

( 19 September 2020 | lle )

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