Swiss League

The defensemen Claudio Cadonau, Nico Gross, and Dario Wüthrich have been practicing with the Academy and will hit the ice for them tonight.

Claudio Cadonau did not have to go into quarantine this time.
EV Zug

The three players did not have to join the rest of EV Zug in quarantine because they all tested positive just before or during their first quarantine at the end of October. Among the staff members of EVZ, also head coach Dan Tangnes did not have to go into quarantine this time.

According to the Blick, all of EVZ's players have been tested again today. If some of them will be allowed to leave their quarantine for practice in the upcoming days will be up to the cantonal physician.

( 24 November 2020 | tme* | Report an error )

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