Swiss League

Although they have not been present yesterday, when ten teams founded the new company of the Swiss League, they hope to be admitted soon.

The Ticino Rockets want to be part of the new Swiss League.

As Davide Mottis, the president of the HCB Ticino Rockets, says to the Corriere del Ticino, they do want to be part of this "new" Swiss League: "We asked to be admitted to this company already in the next few weeks, at the beginning of 2021," Mottis explains. "There is no reason to not let us participate in this organization and we are optimistic."

«There is no reason to not let us participate in this organization»
Davide Mottis

That the Rockets are organized as a farm team and a team has the goal to develop young players should not be held against them, Mottis says. "We are run as an independent company with its own board of directors. Maybe some people don't appreciate our role as a formative club, but we ask to be rightly and legitimately recognized for who we are."

The new organization of the Swiss League will come into effect in the 2022-23 season. With the HCB Ticino Rockets?

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