Swiss League

As HC Ajoie's president Patrick Hauert explains in an interview with MySports, they would almost double their budget for the NL.

The Ajoulots would have the smallest budget of the National League.

The application for the National League, which the Ajoulots have submitted back in September, envisages a budget of CHF 7 million. "This means almost double what we've had so far," Patrick Hauert puts this figure in relations.

According to Hauert, this increase will be possible thanks to higher revenues from broadcasting rights as well as more revenues from advertising and ticket sales.

Nevertheless, Ajoie would have restricted means in the National League: "The league has informed us that the budget we have presented will be the smallest of the National League (...) but in the end they have accepted our application, because our club is financially very healthy right now."

Patrick Hauert talks about HC Ajoie's budget.

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