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While CEO Sébastien Pico values Sarault, he is not too happy with the performance of Mark Van Guilder and Troy Josephs.

Yves Sarault - still in Visp next season?
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

EHC Visp was eliminated from the Swiss League playoffs last Tuesday, now they can focus on planning next season. Two of the contracts running out belong to the imports, Van Guilder and Josephs.

"We were disappointed with their performances up to Christmas. Of course, there were injuries to both of them, but their position, like the coach's, needs to be evaluated", CEO Sébastien Pico tells Le Nouvelliste. Van Guilder recorded 16 goals and 25 assists in 39 games, while Josephs put up 19 goals and assists each in 40 games.

For the coaching position, Yves Sarault gets some praise. "I do not hide the fact that Yves is someone I appreciate as a human being and as a coach. He has done a lot of things right in the short time available to him. But now we need to take a step back before making a decision about next season", Pico comments. Sarault took over the team in January after Matti Alatalo was released from his duties in October.

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