Swiss League

Guillaume Asselin is still signed for a year but might be lured away. Éric Castonguay has no contract for next season yet.

Éric Castonguay's contract is up

Currently waiting for the two remaining playoff quarterfinal series to be decided, HC Sierre's team manager Christophe Fellay is working on contract extensions for the coming season. A lot of players will stick around, as he tells Le Nouvelliste. "Firstly, because we have a lot of players under contract. And because there is no reason to make too many changes. I do not want to destabilize this group too much. The first contract extensions will be announced soon."

As for the two imports, one of them, Guillaume Asselin, is still signed for a year. However, there is a chance he might leave for the National League, specifically for Genève-Servette, as has been previously reported. With the other one, Éric Castonguay, an extension is in the making.

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