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Depending on the outcome of the Swiss League final, Philip-Michaël Devos and Jonathan Hazen might switch clubs. Devos' agent denies the news.

Philip-Michaël Devos - in the National League soon, but with what club?
Remo Max Schindler /

Part of HC Ajoie for the last six years, Philip-Michaël Devos and Jonathan Hazen recently signed contract extensions with their club. They might be part of a different club next season nonetheless, as Blick writes. In case EHC Kloten wins the Swiss League final, they both will apparently join them in the National League.

However, Blick's news might not be accurate. "The thing is not true", Devos' agent Gaëtan Voisard tells Watson's Klaus Zaugg. "But I have known for three or four days that several Kloten players have said they are going to start a rumor to add a little fuel to the fire."

Vincent Léchenne, Ajoie's team manager, also tells Zaugg that Devos assured him the report would be wrong.

The two 30-year-old Canadians have been Ajoie's best scorers by far since they've joined the club in 2015, both recording over 500 points in total so far.

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