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Earlier today, Blick reported that the two import players might change clubs as of next season. First denied by Devos' agent, the club has now also issued a statement.

Jonathan Hazen
HC Ajoie

"Faced with the attempt of destabilization [...] by a Zurich-based newspaper, HC Ajoie strongly denies any arrangement signed by its Quebec players Jonathan Hazen and Philipp-Michaël Devos."

A report by Blick claimed that Hazen and Devos that in case of EHC Kloten being promoted to the National League, the two import players of HC Ajoie would switch teams and join EHC Kloten.

However, Devos' agent Gaëtan Voisard was quick to deny the report to Watson's Klaus Zaugg. "But I have known for three or four days that several Kloten players have said they are going to start a rumor to add a little fuel to the fire." As per HC Ajoie, both players have never been in contact with EHC Kloten.

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