Swiss League

Defenseman Florian Schmuckli joins the Mice from HC Thurgau. Robin Schwab, Dominic Weder, and Stéphane Heughebaert stay in Olten.

Florian Schmuckli is back with EHC Olten.

Florian Schmuckli, who temporarily played for EHC Olten during the 2015-16 season, joins the club on a two-year contract. The Mice thus confirm rumors that have been swirling for the past days that the almost 28-year-old defenseman might end up with EHCO again.

In addition to Schmuckli, Olten can also count on the services of forwards Robin Schwab, 21, and Dominic Weder, 23, as well as defenseman Stéphane Heughebaert, 23. All three players have signed new one-year contracts.

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