Swiss League

The Swiss League club has not had any existential fears but has to rely on the federal contributions and solidarity from their partners.

The fiscal year is over soon

EHC Olten's president Marc Thommen and their CEO Patrick Reber sat down with the Oltner Tagblatt to talk about the season. On the financial side, they have applied for the federal à-fonds-perdu contributions, which have not yet been fully distributed. Olten has been able to get through the year thanks to the loans from the government and their share capital nonetheless.

"We have tried everything possible, the fiscal year still lasts a few days, but it can already be said that it was a very difficult year. Not that it has cut off our existence, but we depend on the support contributions and support and great solidarity of all partners", as Reber mentions.

When it comes to the on-ice part, Olten wants to play for a top-four position next season and aims to have a team that can compete for a possible promotion to the National League.

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