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The Swiss League team has yet to make a decision about its new leader, but they have reduced their list to four candidates.

Who will coach EHC Visp next season?

Yves Sarault, who took over as head coach of EHC Visp in January, remains on the list. While the names of the other candidates have not been disclosed, Bruno Aegerter has a clear vision of what the Swiss League teams' new coach will have to offer.

"He needs to bring back the winner's DNA we used to have in Visp," the team manager tells "Schweisspäärle & Häärzpole", adding that with the many roster changes they had in the past two seasons, it has now become necessary to focus on that aspect of team building again.

Ideally, he also wants the new head coach to have a say in the acquisition of their two import players, after all "he has to work with them." He is looking at several profiles at the moment, but nothing concrete has come off it thus far.

Interview with Bruno Aegerter
Schweisspäärle & Häärzpole

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