Swiss League

The head coach of the Swiss League team has a contract until the end of this season. What happens after that remains to be seen.

HC Thurgau

"I definitely want more continuity," Stephan Mair states when asked what it would need for him to extend his contract for another year. "The only player who has been here since I started five years ago is Patrick Parati."

HC Thurgau also went through a lot of changes in the back office, front office, and the player's bench this offseason - changes that could have been prevented, says Mair: "This year there were players and team members who could have been kept. Unfortunately, we didn't do a good job. None of us did."

Mair specifically mentions the departures of materials manager Andi Vogt, goalie coach Tim Bertsche, and the changes in management: "Such changes are very often associated with additional expenditure. [...] Apart from the money, these are also troublesome because it takes a long time for the successors of CEO Thomas Imhof and team manager Gody Kellenberger to get started. By then, half of the 2021-22 season will already be over in terms of planning. There's simply too much time lost."

Given that with the new management (CEO Urban Leimbacher and COO Yves Möri) there will likely be changes ahead, Mair also remains realistic about his own future: "There will be new dynamics in the club, Also with regard to the composition of the team. It's not yet clear how that will develop."

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