Swiss League

Both forwards Jan Zwissler and Matt Wilkins might not come back from their injuries this season. But finding replacements is difficult.

As Der Landbote reports, it is not yet sure if Canadian forward Matt Wilkins, 31, and Jan Zwissler, 23, will be able to hit the ice again this season. Both are currently suffering from wrist-injuries.

EHC Winterthur is thus looking for reinforcements, team manager Mario Antonelli confirms, but: "With players from North America or Russia, it would take too long to get the work permit". And clubs around here want to keep their players to be able to compensate for short-term absences.

EHCW currently sits in tenth place in the standings (0.676 points per game), only three points ahead of the HCB Ticino Rockets (0.588) in the fight for the pre-playoffs.

( 26 January 2022 | tme )