Swiss League

Defenseman Marc Steiner will move from Visp to Winterthur next season. Anthony Staiger, Nico Engeler, Alexis Valenza, and Billy Hunziker stay.

Defenseman Marc Steiner joins EHC Winterthur next season.
EHC Visp / Pfammatter Photography

Marc Steiner, 25-year-old defender of EHC Visp, has signed a two-year contract with EHC Winterthur. Winterthur's team manager Mario Antonelli calles the move a "first important piece of the puzzle for our athletic upswing" thanks to Steiner's experience and quality.

Moreover, the club announces that they have extended the contracts of their forwards Anthony Staiger and Alexis Valenza (both until 2024), as well as their defenders Nico Engeler (2024) and Billy Hunziker (2023).

( 28 January 2022 | tme )