Swiss League

In addition to the young players from Lugano, Ambrì-Piotta, and Davos, the Rockets want to have up to nine players of their own.

HCB Ticino Rockets

"Today, we have practically concluded negotiations with six players," the HCB Ticino Rockets' team manager Sébastian Reuille tells 20 Minuti. The names should be announced soon. One of them could be forward Jason Fritsche, as the Thurgauer Zeitung writes.

"If the finances allow it, we want to get eight or nine players," Reuille says to 20 Minuti. "Our idea is to focus on five to six experienced players, to which we will add two to three youngsters(...). In the next few days we will also look at the import question, where we are waiting for the various decisions of the Ticino teams."

The Rockets' overall goal: More stability. "The technical staff and the team suffered from the situation that there were too many players coming and going."

( 03 June 2022 | tme )