Swiss League

According to Klaus Zaugg (Watson), they decided to go their separate ways due to "unsuccessfulness."

The unfruitful relationship also has financial implications as the marketing firm was not able to secure a lucrative TV deal for the Swiss League. In previous years, they had received CHF 385,000 from their deal with MySports.

According to Zaugg, they will also have to pay for the TV production for their streaming platform, which comes to about CHF 60,000 per team. This would mean that each team would have about CHF 400,000 less available than in the previous season.

Apparently, the National League has, however, decided to help them out, albeit only for the upcoming season. They will provide each team with CHF 80,000. The help does come at a cost, though: the League Qualification will be played with five import players. The challenger, the Swiss League team, will have an additional transfer window to add players, though.

( 05 July 2022 | mso )