Swiss League

The 36-year-old forward would like to leave EHC Visp due to personal reasons but the team cannot let him go yet.

According to Blick, one of Linus Klasen's kids has received a medical diagnosis that requires the parents to care for it more intensively. Due to the situation, his family will move back to Sweden this year as they will have the support of his and his wife's parents there.

Klasen has not asked for a financial compensation and has also told the team that he will not sign with another Swiss team: "I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel at the moment. [...] Some nights I hardly sleep."

Sébastian Pico, CEO of EHC Visp, confirms that Linus Klasen has asked for his contract to be terminated: "We are trying to find a solution that will work for everyone." However, due to the injury of Francis Paré and the contractual situation of Felix Scheel, Visp cannot let him to yet. They hope to be able to solve the situation until the beginning of November.

( 15 October 2022 | mso )