Swiss League

There have been rumblings in the Valais that the 31-year-old goaltender would play for EHC Visp next season - despite a contract that is valid until 2028.

"When rumors of this kind circulate, it means I'm doing my job well. But I don't know anything. Rather, I would like to meet the person who started this rumor," Remo Giovannini tells the Walliser Bote.

Asked whether he has a clause in his contract that would allow him to opt out of his long-term deal if Sierre is not able to present a stadium project ready for construction, he has this to say: "I know my contract inside out. I have never seen such a clause."

He also states that he has not been in contact with EHC Visp and that he does not see the need to change teams within the Swiss League. However, if a National League team were to have interest, things would change: "I wouldn't be a professional if I didn't want to play at a higher level. The National League is always a dream of mine."

( 14 January 2023 | mso )