Swiss League

According to Der Landbote, the Swiss League team has extended the contract of their head coach.

However, as the newspaper reports, his contract will only kick in if EHC Winterthur remains in the Swiss League. The Lions still have time to make a decision regarding the 2022-23 season.

If the information provided by SC Bern's Marc Lüthi in a column in Le Matin Dimanche turns out to be correct, EHC Winterthur will stay in the Swiss League, though The chairman of SCB's board of directors told the newspaper on Sunday that as far as he knows no other Swiss League team will leave the Swiss League.

Lüthi also stated that the two leagues have reached an agreement: the National League will work with the Swiss League, help them find a partner for a new TV deal, find a new main sponsor, and provide each team with a six-figure sum.

( 06 February 2023 | mso )