Swiss League

The MyHockey League team recently ensured their promotion to the Swiss League due to their win over EHC Arosa in the playoff semifinals.

As team manager Nicolas Burdet tells Le Nouvelliste, they will likely operate on a budget between CHF 1,5 and CHF 1,8 million next season. This will also depend on what HCV Sion will need in terms of money next season, as the team also belongs to their organization.

HCV Martigny is also looking for partners in the National League, says Burdet: "One or more discussions are underway. Our platform is attractive to these clubs. [...] Having a partner who has a team in the Swiss League and another in the MyHockey League is unique in Switzerland."

As for their coaching staff, both head coach Daniele Marghitola and assistant coach Christophe Brown have other jobs as well. Marghitola would have to put his career as a physiotherapist on hold in order to coach in the SL: "He has ambitions in field hockey. I hope we can find a good compromise to continue this collaboration. The question of the coach is still open."

They will also talk to Brown, but his case is more complicated as he works full-time in a bank. As for their roster, not everyone will make the transition to the higher-tier league. Burdet estimates that about half of the current roster will not embark on the adventure that is the Swiss League.

( 16 March 2023 | mso )