Swiss League

While Jannik Fröwis has signed a one-year extension, the club has also signed forward Louis Betschmann and Yannick Antenen for next season.

Jannik Fröwis stays in Winterthur at least until 2024.
EHC Winterthur

Betschmann, 21, and Antenen, 19, both played for EV Zug's U20-Elit this season. With 68 points (19 goals) in 47 regular season games, Louis Betschmann was the top scorer of the league. Both youngsters have already suited up in the Swiss League for the EVZ Academy.

Moreover, keeps forward Jannik Fröwis on board. The 23-year-old has signed a new one-year deal. This season, he only appeared in 14 games for EHC Winterthur, but missed the rest of the season due to injury.

( 11 April 2023 | tme* )