Swiss League

HC Sierre puts their trust in eight young players from their project "Héritage". They will also suit up for the club next season.

Kenny Fellay is one of the players who will stay with HC Sierre.

In goal, 20-year-old Noah In-Albon will remain the backup of Remo Giovannini. In defense, HC Sierre has extended the contracts of Sacha Berthoud, 21, Yonas Berthoud, 22, and Loïc Vouardoux, 23.

In addition, also four forwards will keep suiting up for Sierre: Téo Reynaud, 21, Kenny Fellay, 25, Benjamin Bonvin, 21, and Eliot Bernazzi, 21.

( 24 April 2023 | tme* )