Swiss League

The Südostschweiz asked SIHF CEO Patrick Bloch some questions about the Swiss League's current state and the Rockets/Arosa matter.

Patrick Bloch
PHOTOPRESS / Melanie Duchene

"We are satisfied that we now have certainty about what the league will look like next season", Bloch comments when asked about the state of the Swiss League. "The fact that the Rockets are continuing is important for the whole league from a sporting, organizational and marketing point of view."

About the temporary subsidies for the Swiss League from the SIHF and National League, Bloch mentions that for now it is important that the league is stabilized. "It will continue to be a rocky road with ups and downs. The Swiss League was never an easy product. But I think it is important that everyone pulls together. And the positive atmosphere and charisma must prevail. When I read, 'A league on its deathbed', that does not help anyone. We have to communicate the advantages of the league to the public." He continues that the league has to find its identity.

Regarding the situation with EHC Arosa and the former HCB Ticino/ now Bellinzona Rockets, Bloch strongly rejects the criticism from Arosa that because there are people at the Federation who are from the Ticino, there would be nepotism. He also notes that HC Ambrì-Piotta and the SCL Tigers did not do anything in the background to keep the Rockets up and Arosa down and adds that Arosa was always informed about the current status. "I find it an indictment when such accusations are made publicly without even the slightest proof."

Bloch does admit that there ought to have been better communication with the outside. "But you can believe me when I say that in such a difficult situation it is also difficult to find the right communication at the right time."

For the future, Bloch would like to imagine a league with ten to twelve teams - on a solid financial foundation - with an identity that makes people want to come to the arena and support their team.

( 01 June 2023 | esi )