Swiss League

HC Sierre announced their agreement with the Sierre Valais Sports SA this past Monday. The new partnership will also bring changes to the Board of Directors.

"Today we are four people, a fifth will join us. On the part of the SA of McSorley, two people will take a seat, McSorley is, of course, one of the two. This means that the future board of directors of HC Sierre will consist of seven people," Alain Bonnet, president of the Swiss League team, tells the Walliser Bote.

Asked whether Chris McSorley will also influence the team's decision regarding new players, Bonnet only states that McSorley will take on an advisory role but the final decisions will still be up to team manager Christophe Fellay and head coach Yves Sarault.

McSorley's Sierre Valais Sports SA now holds 30 % of HC Sierre's shares. As announced on Monday, the Sierre Valais Sports AG will - provided everything goes according to plan - eventually become the majority shareholder of the Swiss League team.

As for the money that McSorley's stock corporation brings to the table, Bonnet has this to say: "The money [...] is primarily intended for the capital increase and not as a contribution for transfers."

( 21 June 2023 | mso )