Swiss League

The club closes its fiscal year with a minus of CHF 258,000, in spite of the on-ice success they have had this past season.

Swiss League title, more income from ticketing and catering - despite an increase in revenue, HC La Chaux-de-Fonds' financial accounts are still in the red. As Arcinfo reports from the club's shareholder meeting, there are several explanations for the increased revenue not being able to make up for the increased losses.

One reason stated was increased personnel costs. Letting season-ticket holders attend the playoff home games for free another one. Security costs were also higher than last year. The loss of the TV rights revenue was a factor as well, as streaming did not make up for that.

President Oliver Calame predicts that no Swiss League club will have turned a profit this year, and states that the survival of the clubs is in danger.

HCC has decided to increase their share capital by CHF 1.5 million to almost 2 million in hopes to attract new investors for the renovation project of their arena (which is awaiting approval - La Chaux-de-Fond's local council could decide on September 23 the earliest). The budget for the coming season has also been increased to CHF 5.63 million, with a projected deficit of CHF 99,000.

( 28 June 2023 | esi )