Swiss League

According to Le Matin, the deal has not yet been ratified, but that is indeed the plan. The man behind it all? Chris McSorley.

Citing several sources, the newspaper reports that McSorley wants to establish a partnership between the two clubs with the help of Patrick Polli (president of HCV Martigny) and Alain Bonnet (president of HC Sierre).

In the short term, he wants to create a system where both teams help each other out in case of injuries, in the long term, he would apparently like to establish a canton-wide training structure, which would involve teams on different levels of competition, such as Sion, Nendaz, and Monthey.

Chris McSorley was not willing to comment on the subject matter. It thus remains to be seen whether this deal will really come to fruition.

( 02 May 2024 | mso*ech )