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The date for the hearing for the defenseman of the New Jersey Devils has yet to be set.

Mirco Mueller
Remo Max Schindler /

Mirco Mueller received a qualifying offer from the New Jersey Devils a week ago. Since he now filed for arbitration, he will get the opportunity to negotiate with his team in order to get a better deal out of the process.

He is not the only NHL player to file for arbitration. A total of 40 players, according to the NHLPA, have decided to go down this route. While Müller's hearing has yet to be set, it has been announced that all hearings will take place in Toronto from July 20 to August 4, 2019.

RFAs / Qualifying Offer / Salary Arbitration

If you want to know more about the whole process, please head over to Swiss Hockey Blogs and read Micha Hofer's article about the entire subject. Click here.

( 06 July 2019 | mso )
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