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The Swiss forward, who has been in the AHL for the last month, wants the opportunity to play in the NHL again.

Sven Bärtschi soon to play for another team?
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"We would like to get traded, I am in contact with Jim Benning, he knows that, " André Rufener told TSN's Rick Dhaliwal yesterday. He adds that in his opinion, Bärtschi did not get the opportunity he needed and that he has "permission to help his client get traded."

Jim Benning, the Vancouver Canucks' GM, confirmed to The Province that the Canucks are indeed looking for a trading partner and have been for the past 10 weeks: “I’ve been talking to André once or twice a week. We’ve been working on this. I don’t know why he decided to come out publicly.”

Benning also stated that some teams have shown interest in Bärtschi, but it has not led to a deal yet, even though, as he says, he is not asking for a lot in return. The GM also admits that the winger has done well in Utica (four goals, 19 assists in 16 games), but that this does not really matter, as the team has evolved "and our skill players are more hard skill than soft skill.”

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