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The NHLPA (National Hockey League Players' Association) released the result of its annual players' poll today. The Nashville Predators' captain Roman Josi is high in course.

Roman Josi
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Overall, a total of 588 players participated anonymously in this year's poll, while - which has to be mentioned - not everyone chose to answer each question. The questions ranged from skills to social media, friendships and up to mascots. For the complete 2019-20 poll results, click here.

When diving into the NHL's best defender poll, Roman Josi earned around nine per cent of the players' votes, which makes him the third-best/popular defenseman behind the Lightning's Victor Hedman (37.8%) and the Capitals' John Carlson (21.4%).

On another note, in the aftermath of the spreading COVID-19 disease, the NHL decided to extend its "self-quarantine recommendation for players and staff" until at least April 15. So far, four NHL players have tested positive for COVID-19.

( 31 March 2020 | rlu* )
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