National Hockey League

As Hofmann's agent confirms to Klaus Zaugg (Watson), his client wants to try his luck overseas after the upcoming season.

Grégory Hofmann has set his sights on the NHL.
PHOTOPRESS / Marcel Bieri

"We will try," Hofmann's agent Dani Giger tells Zaugg. "He'll be 28 next summer and can get a one-way contract."

The Carolina Hurricanes drafted Grégory Hofmann back in 2011, but do not seem to be interested in signing him to an NHL-deal. "However, we've been assured that they won't put any obstacles in our way," Giger explains.

Hofmanns contract with EV Zug is valid until 2023. If he leaves the Bulls at the end of the upcoming season, they will thus be allowed to play with five import-players in the 2021-22 season.

( 19 August 2020 | tme* )
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