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At a press conference, Bill Guerin expressed his wish to extend Kevin Fiala's contract, but also his uncertainty if it is going to be possible.

Kevin Fiala is now an unrestricted free agent.
Icon Sportswire / Nick Wosika

"We'd love to have Kevin back," Guerin told journalists at a press conference, but added: "I don't know if it's going to be possible (...) there is uncertainty, that's a good word for it."

Fiala's contract with the Wild has expired. The club has only very limited cap space left and would probably have to free up some more that an extension would be possible. A fact that Guerin also hinted at: "We can do anything. But at what cost?"

On another note, Guerin defended Fiala's performance over the past weeks: "He didn't have great playoffs, but you know what? That happens, too (...) It's unfortunate, but that's the human side of the game. It's not automatic, it's not guaranteed."

( 19 May 2022 | tme )