As the Swedish news outlet Expressen has learned from several sources, the 56-year-old will take over the SHL team next season.

Will Patrick Fischer's assistant work in the SHL next season?
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

The only thing that is currently confirmed, however, is that Djugården IF has found a new head coach for the upcoming season. This is what their team manager Thomas Kraft announced on Twitter.

Kraft was, however, not willing to say if the new head coach is in fact Tommy Albelin, when asked by Expressen: "I can say what I tweeted (...) We'll announce more this week. It needs to be coordinated with a few other parties." Kraft only confirmed that Albelin has been on their list.

When contacted by Expressen, Tommy Albelin denied both that he had been in contact with Djugårdens IF and that he will join them next season. The Swede has been the assistant coach of the Swiss national team for the past five years.

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