We are happy to announce that and the women's team of the ZSC Lions will team up for the new season.

SHN is the new media partner of ZSC's women's team.

We are convinced that women's hockey in Switzerland is on the rise, deserves a platform, and are thus proud to further promote it on our website. With the women's team of the ZSC Lions we have found the perfect partner.

The Lions belong to the leading teams of the SWHL-A. In the past nine years, they celebrated six championship and seven cup titles. The team is part of the "Lions-Frauen", the largest women's ice hockey organization in Switzerland with over 160 licensed women and girls.

For now, the coverage of the Lions' SWHL-A team will include game reports and news written in German, which will be accessible in the German part of our website. Make sure to check it out!

( 01 September 2019 | tme*ech)