Spengler Cup

The prestigious tournament might not take place this year due to several reasons.

No fight for the Spengler Cup trophy this season?
Maurice ParrEE

"The Spengler Cup is on the rocks," Gaudenz Domenig tells Klaus Zaugg of Watson. While the Covid-related restrictions already provide some tough hurdles to take for the organizers, the cancellation of the WEF (World Economic Forum) has now added to their problems.

Normally, the WEF and the organizers of the Spengler Cup share the costs for the infrastructure they build, as the WEF can use it after the end of the tournament. However, with the WEF having been canceled, HC Davos would have to pay for the costs by themselves.

Whether or not the traditional Christmas tournament will take place will be decided in October, Marc Gianola tells Zaugg.

( 30 August 2020 | mso*)
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