Spengler Cup

According to SRF, the 43-year-old NHL star is going to take over from Fredi Pargätzi. When this will be the case, however, is still open.


As every year, Joe Thornton is currently practicing with HC Davos. As SRF reports, he has already agreed to become the new Head of Sports of the Spengler Cup once he is going to retire from professional hockey.

Asked about it by Blick, Spengler Cup president Marc Gianola did not want to confirm that Thornton will become the new Head of Sports: "This is just one of many options we have offered him," he says.

For now, Thornton is looking for a new team in the NHL. Last season, he played for the Florida Panthers. For them, he appeared in 35 games, in which he scored five goals and added five assists.

( 04 August 2022 | tme )