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As Watson's Klaus Zaugg reports, word is that the SIHF wants to extend the contract of head coach Patrick Fischer soon.

Will Fischer sign an early contract extension?
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

Patrick Fischer's contract is still valid until 2020, until after the World Championship in Zürich and Lausanne. But apparently, the SIHF's president Michael Rindlisbacher wants to extend Fischer's contract before the start of the new season.

The question, according to Zaugg, seems to be: At what cost? Since Fischer's contract extension in December 2017, he earns almost CHF 300,000 including bonuses. Meanwhile, Fischer might be worth almost twice as much. According to an unnamed source of Zaugg, the SIHF's pain threshold is at CHF 500,000.

On the other hand, the SIHF also has to find a replacement for Fischer's assistant coach Christian Wohlwend, who will take over HC Davos next season. According to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, it is clear that they will replace Wohlwend with a Swiss coach. The SIHF will thus continue to rely on local forces.

( 24 May 2019 | tme )
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