Swiss National Team

The Director of national teams sat down with the SonntagsZeitung to discuss various topics after the out of the national team at the World Championship.


Patrick Fischer, head coach of the national team, has a contract in place until 2024. The team missed their goal this year, as they wanted to reach the semifinals at the World Championship. However, Fischer's position is not in danger, as Lars Weibel states: "Fischer is not an issue at all. We did our homework, played as well as we ever have. [...] We don't have 200 NHL players to fall back on. That's a process."

Weibel also talks about the importance of the invite to the European Hockey Tour and the advantage it also could signify for the clubs: "Maybe not all the clubs applaud us [for that decision], but it's a big win for them, too. We help to train their players. The clubs should also look at it in its entirety."

He is, however, not happy with the clubs regarding their decision to increase the number of import players allowed in a game: "The idea that clubs could save costs by increasing the number of foreigners was just a sham. Only top foreigners are hired. I have yet to see a cheap Slovak or Norwegian signed to the National League."

He adds that from the national team's point of view, this development is a clear step backward, as that also likely means that Swiss players will get less of a chance to play in special teams or in the decisive minutes of a game: "I really can't understand it. In the short term, it might make the league a little more attractive, but in the long term, the effects will be devastating. For the clubs, too."

( 29 May 2022 | mso )