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The committee for order and security of the National and the Swiss League has sanctioned fans of HC Fribourg-Gottéron for rioting.

The committee for order and security had to step in

Before and during the game between the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers and the Dragons on November 16, supporters of the visiting team misbehaved. Their actions included, among other things, violent behavior towards the police and the Lakers' security, which lead to a number of people being injured, as well as causing property damage.

On the fans' way home, there were more occurrences of violence and rioting, this time at a motorway rest area, when they encountered supporters of another National League team.

All this caused the committee for order and security to start an investigation, together with the involved clubs and the so-called "Polizeiliche Koordinationsplattform Sport". In the end, 83 people have received a nation-wide stadium ban, which lasts for three years and includes both ice hockey and football-stadiums.

( 26 November 2019 | esi* )
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