Swiss Ice Hockey

In a long interview with Blick, Denis Vaucher, Director National League & Swiss League, comments on the critical financial situation.

Denis Vaucher

"As things stand today, it is not extremely dramatic for the clubs, and liquidity is still available everywhere. From what I've heard, most of them should be able to get by until the summer months" reveals Vaucher. In this sense, for the league and the clubs, it is imperative to be able to play in front of spectators, as an entire season with ghost games would lead to an estimated loss of about 170 million francs.

For that, the league has prepared different scenarios for the upcoming season as Vaucher explains: "One is that we can start at the beginning of October, or November, December, January. If we couldn't start until December or January, we'd have to discuss whether we'd play fewer regular-season games or at best shorten the playoffs. The question is where we set the priorities. We have to weigh up different interests, for instance, the national team and the Spengler Cup."

Now more than ever, players' salaries are at the center of discussions. Regarding possible salary reductions, Vaucher confirms that it was decided that each club should negotiate with its own players.

«It is important to make certain interventions but still allow for freedom»
Denis Vaucher

More in general, Vaucher thinks that some interventions regulating the salaries have to be done: "Outside the NHL and KHL, we pay the highest wages. If you open up the market, the salary of the individual player should fall. However, it is not only the salaries of the top players that are a problem; the overall volume is far too high. A salary cap is certainly not easy to implement but I believe that such systems must be discussed. It is important to make certain interventions but still allow for freedom. Not that a club that wants to spend more money can't do that anymore."

( 11 May 2020 | lle* )