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Up to now, the SIHF was the one to negotiate with potential partners about the broadcasting rights. The clubs want that to change.

Will the clubs be able to negotiate the broadcasting rights by themselves?
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

As Klaus Zaugg reports, the clubs have now commissioned Denis Vaucher, Director of the National League and Swiss League, to establish the Leagues' legal independence from the SIHF.

The idea is to found a corporation that would allow the League - as its own legal entity - to directly negotiate with the interested parties about the broadcasting rights of the National League and the Swiss League. This would, of course, also allow them to distribute the money the way they want to. They would, however, still also be members of the SIHF.

In this scenario, the SIHF would thus only negotiate the broadcasting rights for the games involving the national teams as well as the Swiss Ice Hockey Cup games - and, of course, only get the money from that deal. Up to now, the two leagues get about 22 million yearly from the deal, about 13 million go to the SIHF.

Michael Rindlisbacher, president of SIHF, only confirms to Zaugg that "the clubs want to have more autonomy in their decision-making. [...] Within a working group, the concerns of both sides are now being brought together and proposals for solutions or a rough concept are being developed."

( 22 May 2020 | mso )
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