Swiss Ice Hockey

At today's league assembly, the clubs discussed the start of the new season as well as a possible salary cap and the number of imports.

No decisions yet on a salary cap or the number of imports.

The officials of the clubs did not take any major decisions today. This does not come as a surprise as today's discussions about a salary cap and the number of import-players in the league were merely supposed to set the stage for a further discussion and, possibly, a vote on these matters at the next league assembly on August 27.

The clubs, however, have decided that they are not allowed to approach any players who are in possession of a valid contract for the upcoming season. This ban is limited to moves concerning the 2020/21 season. Therefore, any contract negotiations and signings for the 2021-22 season and beyond remain possible. Also excluded are any transfers or signings to which all involved parties (both clubs and the player) agree.

The most pressing matter at today's assembly was the start of the new season. "We have discussed various scenarios," Lausanne HC's CEO Sascha Weibel says in an interview with MySports. Right now, they are still planning to start the season on September 18. A final decision, however, was impossible, as HC Fribourg-Gottéron's CEO Raphaël Berger tells Sport-Center: "We have to wait for the Federal Council's announcements next week."

Within this week, the Federal Council will decide when events with more than 1,000 spectators are going to be allowed again. These kind of events are currently still banned until the end of August.

( 17 June 2020 | tme*ech )