Swiss Ice Hockey

The League has worked out five provisional schedules for the upcoming season. The worst-case scenario: puck-drop early next year.

Denis Vaucher, Director of the National and Swiss League
PHOTOPRESS / Melanie Duchene

"There are five provisional schedules with different starting dates," Denis Vaucher, Director of the National League and the Swiss League, explains to Klaus Zaugg (Watson). In addition to the regular start on September 18, there are scenarios in which the season might start on October 1, November 1, December 1 or - next year - on January 1.

When the first puck is going to drop will, of course, depend on the further development of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is clear, however, that the decision will have to be taken at least five weeks in advance, "leaving about a month to prepare," Vaucher says.

If the season is to start on September 18, the decision thus has to be made until mid-August at the latest - probably at an extraordinary league assembly, Vaucher tells Zaugg.

( 09 July 2020 | tme* )