Swiss Ice Hockey

Denis Vaucher thinks that a stadium utilization rate makes more sense than simply limiting the maximum number of spectators (currently 1000).

Stadiums to be filled up until 60 percent of their capacities?

The Director of the National League and the Swiss League explained to Klaus Zaugg (Watson) the proposal he is working on: "a security concept must be developed for every stadium. And then it can be determined what percentage of the stadium's capacity can be used. I assume that it will be possible to comply with all safety regulations and use around 60 percent of the stadium capacity". The idea is that under this concept, a start of the season on September 18 could be thus possible.

For SC Bern, for example, this formula would result in a maximum of 10'218 spectators allowed, while the last season they had an average attendance of 15'588 spectators. In these regards, the Bears' general manager Marc Lüthi thinks that a capacity utilization of 60 percent of all seats "would be a feasible emergency solution".

A concept like this would obviously requires several protective measures, such as, for instance, only numbered seats, no guest fans (so that all season ticket holders can be served) and mask obligation for all.

( 18 July 2020 | lle* )
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