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Several CEO's of National League clubs have talked about how they would handle the league's proposal.

No empty arenas: Clubs would prefer having fans in the stands
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With the Federal Council's decision about the spectator-limit for events around the corner, several CEO's of hockey clubs have talked to various newspapers about their ways to implement the league's protection concept proposal.

In the Luzerner Zeitung, EV Zug's CEO Patrick Lengwiler states that, as the league's proposal does not allow for any standing room, they would convert the standing area into seats. This would give the Bossard Arena a capacity of 5'700. Their ticketing lets them know who is sitting in which seat, and therefore who would have to be quarantined if there were to be an infection.

SC Bern's concept would require someone wanting to attend a game to register themselves, CEO Marc Lüthi tells the Berner Zeitung. The club would send the person an SMS with a code and a seat number and therefore know who is sitting where. They would also implement pre-checks outside the stadium, where attendees would get their temperatures taken.

The PostFinance Arena's standing room would also be converted into seating options, reducing the capacity to about 11'000. The catering facilities would be available under the protection concept of the gastronomy sector.

Visitors of the Vaillant Arena would also have to register themselves before attending a game, Marc Gianola mentions in the SonntagsZeitung. The CEO of HC Davos estimates a possible attendance of about 3500 people, with most space being taken up by season tickets holders for seats. For the still available spots, the club would make offers to fans not necessarily able to afford such a ticket.

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