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Switzerland will surely not co-host next year's edition of the Worlds with Latvia, but is ready to replace another country in case of problems.

Echoes from the SIHF's press conference.

Regarding the 2020-21 championship, the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation explained that if games will be postponed due to the Covid-19, the regular season could be extended until April 13 at the latest, with playoff series that could be decided in a best of 7, best of 5, or best of 3 depending on when the last game of the regular season will be played.

If, by mid-April not all teams will have played the same number of games, then the average of points per game will be taken into account for the final ranking of the regular season.

A championship game will be postponed if, due to illness or injury, a team does not have at least twelve players and a goalkeeper with A-licenses.

As for international hockey, Switzerland will not take the place of Belarus in co-hosting with Latvia next's year edition of the World Championships. Latvia had requested to assign the status of main host to another country than Belarus due to political reasons.

Moreover SRF reports that Switzerland has submitted her application to organize the 2026 IIHF Worlds, but also gave her availability to step in for another country if there would be the chance to organize the event before 2026.

Finally, as Grégory Beaud (Sport-Center) writes on Twitter, players who had been excluded from the national team due to lack of involvement, i.e. Denis Malgin, Dean Kukan, Dominik Schlumpf, and Fabrice Herzog, are given another chance.

( 22 September 2020 | lle*ech )

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