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After the last differences have been settled, the National Council and the Council of States have agreed to the law in their final vote.

The new Covid-law brings financial aid for Swiss hockey clubs.

Whereas the National Council voted with 153 votes in favor and 36 votes against the new Covid-law (6 abstentions), the Council of States agreed to the law unanimously with 44 votes in favor and none against.

The new Covid-law, which will enter into force by tomorrow, also includes changes to the sports-aid package. The CHF 150 million of interest-free loans, which have been granted for Swiss ice hockey, can now be handed out directly to the clubs, and not the league as a whole. The joint liability of all clubs for any loans thus has been eliminated.

For each club, the loans can be as high as 25% of their expenses during the 2018-19 season. In addition, they have to put up a collateral of 25%. If they are unable to pay back the loan within three years, they have to cut salaries by up to 20%.

( 25 September 2020 | tme* )

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