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If the limit of 1,000 specators will remain in Bern or even be imposed in other cantons, the clubs want financial help with no strings attached.

Denis Vaucher calls for state subsidies for the clubs.
PHOTOPRESS / Melanie Duchene

For the moment it is clear: The show must go on. To call off the season is currently no option for the league. "For the future of our league, our sport and our partnerships, we need to keep playing if possible," Denis Vaucher, Director of National- and Swiss League, says to the Tages-Anzeiger.

Vaucher, however, also states that to keep going will not be possible in the long run if there is a limit of 1,000 spectators: "Then, as in the cultural sector, 'à fonds perdu'-contributions will have to be granted for professional ice hockey, otherwise we would perish." So far, the parliament has only granted state loans, which have to be paid back by the clubs.

Also SC Bern's CEO Marc Lüthi sees state subsidies as the only way out: "If it takes longer, we'll have to discuss funding from the state," he says to the Blick. "Otherwise you have to say: professional sport is not relevant."

( 20 October 2020 | tme )

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