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At the virtual league assembly, the National League and the Swiss League clubs decided on proceedings if the season should be canceled again.

League Assembly sets some rules

If the regular season cannot be completed, the standings will be determined by the average amount of points a team gained per game. More points gained from direct encounters, a higher quotient of goal difference (goal difference/number of games), and a higher quotient of the number of goals scored (goals scored/number of games) can also play into the ranking.

If the regular season were to be canceled, a Swiss champion would only be crowned if at least 75 % of the games have been played. The same percentage of games applies to qualifying for the Champions Hockey League. If the latter is not fulfilled, the teams that would have competed in the 2019-20 edition of the tournament will take those spots.

If the season has to be canceled during the playoffs, the team that came in first place in the regular season will be named Swiss champion. However, only if that team is still in the playoffs. If they are out of the competition, no Swiss champion will be crowned. This also applies to the Swiss League.

The IIHF has decided to extend the international transfer window until March 1. The Swiss teams have thus decided to also extend the period for Swiss transfers from January 31 to February 15.

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