Swiss Ice Hockey

Due to the Covid-19-Pandemic, Russia has canceld its trip to Switzerland. The tournament is, at the moment, still expected to be played.

"We are glad that we still are able to plan with four nations at the NaturEnergie Challenge in Visp, despite the withdrawal of russia", Lars Weibel, Director National Teams, is stated in a press release. There is no change in the game schedule as just one team replaces another.

As it looks at the moment, the SIHF is expecting that the tournament will be held as planned. However, this might change if the pandemic situation gets worse.

The NaturEnergie Challenge takes place on December 16th and 17th, about two months before the Olympic Games. Besides Switzerland and Norway, also Slovakia and Latvia are expected to take place in the preparation tournament.

Schedule NaturEnergie Challenge

16 Dezember 2021, Lonza Arena Visp

  • 16.15h: Norwa – Slovakia
  • 19.45h: Switzerland – Latvia

17 Dezember 2021, Lonza Arena Visp

  • 16.15h: Latvia – Slovakia /Norway
  • 19.45h: Switzerland – Norway /Slovakia

( 01 December 2021 | mfa* )