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If Mathieu Tschantré will be ready to make his comeback in tomorrow's semifinal of the Cup will be decided today.

Mathieu Tschantré: Comeback against Ajoie?
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

Whereas the game against HC Ajoie comes too soon for defenseman Kevin Fey, there is a chance that Mathieu Tschantré will be able to suit up. "We'll take a decision once practice is over," Martin Steinegger, EHC Biel's team manager, says to the Journal du Jura. "But he's not yet back at 100%."

In today's practice, also the youngsters Ramon Tanner and Roman Karaffa, who currently play on loan for HC La Chaux-de-Fonds, will be present. If they will break into the lineup, however, is not yet clear.

Still injured and definitely out: Michael Hügli (knee), Fabian Lüthi (hip, season over), and Damien Riat (concussion).

( 14 December 2019 | tme* )
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